We have worked extremely hard to deliver high quality services at an affordable cost.  Our services include:
Fancy Fingers Mani - $12
Let us soak, shape, buff and polish your sweet ones fingernails while  enjoying a movie or a popular concert video. 
Gumdrop Glamour Mani - $15
Enjoy watching a gumdrop soap create fizz and bubbles while soaking,  followed by a bubblegum sugar scrub and hand massage with bubblegum lotion.  To complete this glamorous mani, your sweet ones nails will be polished with her favorite choice of colors.          

Twinkle Toes Pedi - $18
Let us soak, exfoliate, shape, buff and polish your sweet ones toenails while enjoying a movie or popular concert video.
Sunkist Splash Pedi - $21
Eyes light up at the sight of a citrus infused pedicure with freshly sliced lemon and lime, along with a satsuma sugar buff followed by a warm towel wrap, topped off with a satsuma souffle. Lastly your sweet ones toes are polished with her favorite choice of colors.          

Tuiti Fruiti Facial -  $21
Learn basic skin care while using all-natural cleansing and moisturizing products.

Pumpkin Power Facial (seasonal) - $24
Experience the power of pumpkin with a pumpkin masque along with warm sweet cinnamon apple cider moisturizer, topped off with pumpkin flavored glitter lip gloss. 

Berrylicious Facial - $25
Pamper your sweet one with a strawberries and creme facial containing Vitamin E, Green Tea extract, Sunflower Oil and Silk Proteins. 

Chocolate Charmer Facial- $27
Indulge your sweet one in a chocolate themed facial experience with the use of Peruvian Cocoa accompanied by Blueberry Extract.
Vegan friendly*

Razzle Dazzle Rubdown - $24
Enjoy this 15-minute seated clothed massage treatment by a licensed massage therapist.  All massage treatments are performed under the supervision of a parent or guardian.    
Sweet Pea "Duet" - $55
Includes fancy fingers and twinkle toes for two children.

Athletes' Retreat - $58 
This package is ideal for children who play sports, participate in gymnastics, or dance.  Your sweet one will receive a 20- minute table massage and therapeutic pedicure which includes warm rock foot soaking, aloe cleansing, clay foot mask, eucalyptus massage oil, chamomile lotion and topped off with any polish of their choice. 

Sweet Slumber Sensation - $45 per child
Minimum of 3 children. Contact us for pricing information for a group of 8 or more.
Girls can come in their favorite PJ's for some pre-slumber party fun! Each will receive a fancy fingers manicure with two nail art designs, strawberries/creme or chocolate  facial, pillowcase craft, and a favor bag full of essentials for the sleepover or to enjoy at home on their own!!!!    

(A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required when scheduling an appointment for 5 children or more).  

During an initial visit to the spa, your child will receive a S.I.P. (Sweet Important Person) Card.  After 7 visits, this card entitles your Sweet One to receive a free service on her 8th visit to the spa. 

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